trend(s) [trend] n.1. a general direction
or movement 2. tendency or inclination
3. current style 4. a line of development.

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Our team of translators specialises in a variety of areas, such as finance, mining, medicine and technology, providing standard, technical, and sworn translations in more than 15 languages. We guarantee a high-quality service and the confidentiality of your information.


With over a decade’s market experience, we handle every aspect of the interpretation of your event, from the selection of the team and appropriate type of translation to the hiring of the equipment. We work with numerous language pairs and consider each event as the most important.


In addition to our translation service, we also offer a video subtitling service. For whoever needs to promote their video in a foreign language, we have the ideal solution.

Immersion Skills

Short and effective courses that involve independent modules, which target specific skills such as preparation for presentations, business writing, pronunciation, and telephoning and conference calls.

Language Training

We offer on-site or online classes of English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese for foreigners. We use the communicative method and our classes are conducted according to the needs of the students.

International Certification

Our students have a high pass rate in the main language proficiency tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, DELI, DELF/DALF and CELI. We offer the option of one-to-one or group classes.

The right candidate?

Through oral, structural and writing tests – on or off-site -, we evaluate the fluency of the candidates, as well as their grammatical and vocabulary knowledge. The results are presented in accord with the scale of the Common European Framework. The client therefore knows whether the candidate is in a position to deal with the situations to which they will be exposed in the work place.

Tourist Assistance

After defining the needs, we arrange transfers, accommodation, destinations, cultural activities and present the chosen city. Clubs, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, theatres, museums, parks and squares are indicated as basic references. We provide support in the search for local property. The service can be provided in Portuguese or whichever language is preferred.

Expand your horizons

Escape the conventional. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language or simply relax during the holidays, we have handpicked courses and destinations in various parts of the world. We provide complete support, including the obtention of visas, travel insurance, transfers, accommodation, and 24 hour support.

Learn Portuguese

Get the most from your study abroad experience by choosing Belo Horizonte, Brazil, one of South America’s hidden gems. Tutors will ensure you develop your conversational skills whilst learning about the country and debating current issues.

Translation/ Interpretation

• Anglo American
• Biocor Instituto
• Ministério da Agricultura
• Ministério da Justiça
• Prefeitura de Contagem
• SambaTech

Language Courses

• Anglo American
• ArcelorMittal
• Consulado da Itália
• Esab Indústria e Comércio
• Even Construtora
• Geosol
• RC Comunicação Ltda
• VitóriaCi
• Vivo
• White Martins Praxair Inc.

Level Testing

• Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional
• Esab Indústria e Comércio
• Falconi Consultores de Resultados
• Sandvik Mining and Construction do Brasil S/A
• White Martins Praxair Inc.

Exchange Programmes and Trips

• ADVtour
• Cincilingua
• Fundacion Convivencia
• Green Parrot Language Training
• IAE – International Academy of English
• New York Film Academy
• Q International
• Southern States University
• True Experience

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